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Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Program

Whether you are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or just recently gave birth, I want to help you reach your top fitness level possible for the health and safety of you and your baby.

About the Program


Motherhood is full of wonderful things, but comes with its share of challenges. One of these challenges in particular is finding the time to exercise by yourself, or even knowing how to navigate healthy exercise as a future, current or new mom.

I recently became certified as a prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist from Moms Into Fitness, because I wanted to help others live a healthy lifestyle as they navigate motherhood. After all, it's not just your baby that should be healthy and happy.

In this 12 week course, I will work with you closely to create a plan that works best for you in whatever stage of pregnancy you are in. Each week will contain workouts that accommodate your schedule and fitness levels, so the frequency and workout time will vary. The ideal start time is 12 weeks before you are trying to conceive, but I understand that these things can't always be planned out. Regardless of your fitness level or your phase in motherhood, fill out the form below and we will create a specific program to fit you and your lifestyle!

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