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I decided to become a personal trainer for 2 main reasons: I love working with people, and I love exercise. Before I became a trainer, I knew that I wanted to create a positive impact on people in whatever I did, and I wanted to build relationships in whatever work environment I found myself in. Once I realized that I could combine my passion for living an active healthy lifestyle with my love for working with people, it became obvious that I should be a personal trainer. Ever since I made the decision to get certified I've never felt a shred of doubt that this was what I was meant to do. 

It wasn't until after college that I realized how hard it was to fit exercise into an already busy, chaotic day. I didn't make exercise and nutrition a priority, and I saw how that affected me physically and mentally. It wasn't until much later that I realized I needed to make exercise and good nutrition a primary part of my life. The older I got and the more I learned, I came to understand that my health wasn't something I could afford to coast on. After correcting poor technique and bad exercise habits, I saw my strength and fitness levels increase dramatically. 

Today, I continually strive to learn how to train smarter and live healthier, not just for myself, but so that I can bring that knowledge and experience to my clients, and give them the same energy that healthy exercise gives me.


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Working out and staying fit has always been a passion of mine since I was in high school. I think back to when my Dad took me to the gym and showed me how the machines work and the proper way to lift weights. Starting to understand lifting and how my body moves as a youth athlete gave me the ability to go through high school and college soccer without any major injuries.

Now as a soccer coach and Certified Personal Trainer I work with many youth athletes I realize weight lifting, speed work, plyos, and stretching movements are needed to be placed at a higher priority. 

This is why I want to help youth athletes take their game to the next level. This will look different for each athlete, and I enjoy the challenge of creating a workout that will be right for you. Send me a message with your needs and we can work together to create a plan to crush your goals!

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